Reach 1.4 Billion Chinese Consumers

China Digital Marketing Masterclass

21 – 22 November 2019, Sydney, Australia

2 – 3 December 2019, Amsterdam, Netherlands  

25 – 26 April 2019, Singapore (Sold out!)

24 – 25 June 2019, Malaysia (Sold out!)

27 – 28 June 2019, Hong Kong (Sold out!)

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Learn from China’s #1 marketing blogger and bestselling author, Ashley Dudarenok and reach 1.4 Billion Chinese Consumers without DIRECT Access to Google, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram:

About Ashley

Ashley is the world’s #1 China marketing blogger at and runs Asia’s #1 entrepreneurship vlog at She’s also a

  • Serial entrepreneur and female entrepreneurship spokesperson
  • Professional speaker and bestselling author
  • Vlogger, podcaster and media contributor
China Digital Marketing Masterclass by Ashley Galina Dudarenok, top Chinese social marketing Blogger, author and speaker.

Learn from the world’s #1 China marketing blogger and best-selling author of “Unlocking the World’s Largest E-Market: A Guide to Selling on Chinese Social Media” on Amazon.

Key Takeaways

Tapping the Market

Gain a deep understanding of the China eMarket and how to use social/digital marketing to tap into the market


Habits & Trends

Understand the habits and trends of the modern Chinese consumer

In-Depth Understanding

Form an in-depth understanding of the China digital media landscape and how it is different from the rest of Asia

Updates On China’s Tech Giants

Updates on China’s major digital platforms such as WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba, Tencent etc

Get Familiar With More China Digital Platforms

There’s more to China’s digital space than just WeChat, Weibo and Alibaba. Learn about MiaoPai, Yizhibo, Douyin, Yinke, Bilibili, Toutiao and more

Key Opinion Leaders

Understand the importance of engaging different types of China KOLs to influence consumers at different stages of decision making. Learn how and how much to pay them to run effective social media marketing campaigns

Target and Reach

Learn how to reach and attract Chinese tourists and consumers to your business’ product/service offerings

Who Should Attend

It doesn’t matter if you have basic, intermediate or advanced knowledge of China Digital Media – there is so much to learn from this Masterclass!

The masterclass is relevant to both B2B and B2C businesses.

Any business professional, including but not limited to business owners, Agencies, SME & entrepreneurs, sales & marketing, sales & distribution, digital marketers, e-commerce managers, web managers, IT professionals who want to:

  • Bring in Chinese consumers & tourists to your country.
  • Bring online stores cross border
  • Bring your products and services into the China e-commerce space and market
  • Create awareness and demand for your goods and services in the China market
  • Attract Chinese consumers already in your country

You cannot afford to miss this rare chance to learn from the world’s #1 China marketing blogger and best-selling author of “Unlocking the World’s Largest E-Market: A Guide to Selling on Chinese Social Media” especially if you are from these industries: Tourism, Travel, Retail, Hospitality, the government sector and more.

How You Will Benefit

  • You will become your organisation’s China marketing expert as not many have the knowledge and expertise
  • You will gain insights into the future of digital/social media marketing, as China is leading in this respect
  • You will receive a certificate from one of the top China Digital Marketing masterclasses, which would greatly aid your career development
  • You will have the chance to interact with and ask for guidance from one of the world’s top China marketing experts in close proximity

How Your Company Can Benefit

  • Your company will be able to better understand China’s ecosystem and how to navigate it
  • Your management will be able to understand the budget required to do marketing in China and the best way to distribute it across different channels
  • Your company will be able to manage agencies, subsidiaries and other outsourcing partners in China better, as you will have a deep knowledge of China, and won’t be easily fooled
  • Your company will be able to save money and avoid entering the market in the wrong way or doing the wrong type of marketing in China


Here’s what the attendees from the Malaysia and Singapore Masterclass had to say:


"Good sharing of channels, how to reach to Chinese audience and tracking efficiency"


Chief Marketing Officer
AirAsia BIG Loyalty

"Ashley has great understanding of China social media insights and also Chinese consumers’ behaviour on social media"


Managing Director

"Very good training to understand the current trends in China which would help the team. The workshop has also opened my mind to think of more ideas."


Senior Manager Group Branding

"I was inspired and impressed by Ashley on the potential and opportunities in China Market. I thought I knew a lot about the market, but Ashley shared even more that I never knew!"


Senior Executive Social Media

"Awesome workshop! Resourceful and useful insights from Ashley. Learned a lot that would benefit my work. Useful ideas and recommendations – definitely going to share with my China team!"


Assistant Manager Digital Marketing
Scholastic Asia

"It was a great learning experience from Ashley given her knowledge and exposure in China and other countries. Truly a good eye opener to China / Chinese culture and its amazing technology, especially on their social media. You can do almost everything through Wechat and Weibo. Ashley is also a great facilitator!"


Manager Group Branding & Communications
SP Setia

"It was excellent throughout - intense learning. Good interactions, great vibes, fantastic energy from the workshop. I definitely gained so many insights on China that are very actionable! "


Alicia Tiong
Account Director
BBH Asia Pacific (Singapore)

"The workshop was informatively and immensely useful and relevant."


Mohamed Razil 
Digital & Social Media Strategist

"Ashley has made understanding the China digital landscape as simple and clear as possible. Topline dissection of each medium & how to plan campaigns are highly useful. Extensive knowledge provided - only challenge is to pick what's relevant for execution."

Gillian Wu
Communications, Sponsorship & Digital Manager

"The trainer is very knowledgeable and shares her real-life experiences. She is lively and engaging which makes the workshop rather interesting."


Angeline Germaine Kwek
Assistant Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Residential
Frasers Property

"Useful workshop providing new information which can be shared with HQ PR team to improve social media and its approach. Really good trainer knowing her subject."


Petra Gauthry
RIU Hotels and Resorts

"The Workshop has enlightened me on China marketing especially in the area of Wechat and Weibo which we are not familiar with."


Noor Nanisza
Science Centre Singapore

"Good content shared. Clear and knowledgeable speaker with good energy. Good examples shared during the slides."


Michelle Ng
Media Manager

Photos from the China Digital Marketing Masterclass 2018

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