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2 – 3 December 2019

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Europe and China have engaged in trade for thousands of years and that relationship has never disappeared. In October last year, China and the Netherlands agreed to enhance their bilateral cooperation and that will bring huge opportunities in many industries.

Chinese outbound tourism is booming and Europe remains one of the most popular destinations. Realizing this, in 2016, the Dutch Diplomatic Network in China started organizing Dutch Days throughout the country to help Chinese people learn more about Dutch food and culture.

For B2C businesses, millions of Chinese consumers are looking for high quality products and services. Even if you don’t have a base in China yet, you still have a chance to work with Chinese tourists who’ve chosen to travel to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

There are also lots of opportunities for B2B businesses. Chinese companies from a variety of industries, such as agriculture, electronics, chemicals and others, show a keen interest in establishing their presence in the Netherlands. Due to its central geographical location, stable socio-economic situation and favourable regulatory and tax regime, the Netherlands has become a primary location for European distribution centers or headquarters of Chinese companies. Being the third biggest European investment destination for Chinese companies, the Netherlands has an unique opportunity to be a mediator between China and other European countries.

Want to know how to effectively work with Chinese companies? Join us now to master China’s social media landscape! We’ll tell you everything you need to know at our in-depth training.

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Amsterdam Masterclass Agenda

2 – 3 Dec 2019 .  (9am – 5.00pm) .  Amsterdam

Amsterdam Masterclass Day 1 Details

08 30 Registration
09 00 Welcome note
09 15

China Market, Consumers & Digital Trends

  • Overview of the China market
  • Modern Chinese consumers overview (1st, 2nd and 3rd tier cities)
  • Most desired product categories and reasons behind it
  • Overview of China’s marketing & sales channels
  • Group Activity: Understanding China
10 30 Morning break
10 45

WeChat – A 360° Understanding of China’s Most Powerful Social Media

  • Overview of WeChat: messaging, groups, official accounts and payments
  • Driving followers to your WeChat
  • How to launch effective WeChat campaigns and what kind of content works
  • WeChat advertising options
  • Introduction to the WeChat mini programs
12 45 Lunch
13 30

Weibo – Winning on Weibo

  • Overview of Weibo for marketing
  • Weibo customization
  • Developing a solid content strategy: the 4-1-1 rule
  • Followers acquisition and development
  • Weibo’s newest features and future of the platform
15 30 Afternoon break
15 45

Looking Beyond Weibo and WeChat

  • Introduction to short video, forums and live streaming industry in China
  • Cheaper alternative to major platforms: Douyin & Bilibili 
  • How to leverage the boom: China’s hottest Toutiao
  • How to win on RED / Xiao Hong Shu
  • B2B marketing in China: discover Zhihu, Douban and Baidu Zhidao
  • Group Activity: Experience the difference
17 00 Day 1 summary and final Q&A

Amsterdam Masterclass Day 2 Details

08 30 Registration
09 00

Social Media Campaigns and Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) – How to Run Effective SMM Campaigns

  • Strategise your campaign, set realistic budgets and KPIs
  • WeChat & Weibo campaign rules to watch out for
  • 3 types of campaigns that work on Chinese social media
  • Step-by-step guide to launch an effective campaign
  • Overview of KOL industry in China: 4 types of Chinese KOLs
  • What are Shuijun and how to avoid them
  • Find and audit your KOLs before promotion
  • 5 steps to an effective KOL promotion
  • Group Activity: Becoming the campaign guru and KOLs master
10 45 Morning break
11 00

How to Reach and Attract Chinese Tourists in Amsterdam

  • Chinese tourist industry overview for marketers
  • Modern Chinese tourists: what do they want and how to sell it to them
  • Best way to market to travelling Chinese: KOLs, cross border ads, WOM
  • Is your shop ready: 3 things you can do now to double your sales from the Chinese tourists
  • Group Activity: Create your own China tourists strategy
12 45 Lunch
13 30

How to Build an Effective CRM for China

  • Overview of WeChat and Weibo’s CRM functions
  • 3 steps to build a database of Chinese consumers
  • How to build CRM loyalty programs that work for China
  • Why you must have an excellent social CRM and customer service
  • Deep dive into the best practices
15 15 Afternoon break
15 30

How Technology is Setting a New Reality in China and the World

  • Overview of Alibaba’s new retail, JD’s unbounded retail and Tencent’s smart retail
  • 3 trends you can’t miss: retail as entertainment, unified channel, gamification
  • The future is now: pop-up stores, LST retail integrated, merging social media & retail
17 00 Day 2 summary and final Q&A
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